Dub Fiesta - DILLINJA

Artwork for the next Dub Fiesta, featuring the legendary bass master Dillinja. Get your chest rattled at Hideout on August 1st.




Craic Dealer

Yet another CC promo I did GFX on recently, which we decided to do as a homage to the magnificent 'Breaking Bad'. Dara O Briain named his new stand-up show 'Craic Dealer' which lent itself to the graphic treatment perfectly.

Promo produced by Richard Sclater.
Design by me.

Copyright Comedy Central UK.


Dub Fiesta 2nd Birthday

Norwich-based club promoters Dub Fiesta are two years old now & i've just finished all the promotional bits for the forthcoming 3-room anniversary event. I put a lot of time into this design - got hold of loads of water/cloud imagery, and masked them all off to show through, alternating blend modes, opacity and colour tints on each.



Another promo recently completed for CC. We managed to get comedian Andy Parsons (from BBC's 'Mock The Week') in on short notice to deliver a few lines to camera. Super-quick turnaround and post job on this one.

Promo directed & produced by Ross Marks.
Camera by Dan Martin.
Design & grading by myself and Blake Neale.

Copyright Comedy Central UK.

There Will Be Blood analysis

I rewatched the brilliant 'There Will Be Blood' a few weekends ago. A true modern masterpiece from director Paul Thomas Anderson, i was struck by how meaningful every frame is, how well each character is portrayed, and how the score underpins the unfolding drama. Doing a bit of research afterwards, I came across this video which looks at the film as a character study of Daniel Plainview, with the focus on family rather than the often-discussed themes of capitalism and greed. It's very insightful and I recommend watching if you're a fan of the film.

An other area worth looking into for fans of either film, are the similarities between the 'There Will Be Blood's' opening sequence 15-minute no-dialogue opening and the 'Dawn of Man' sequence that opens Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Rob Ager is another film fan making detailed analysis videos on some classic movies. Go to his site 'Collative Learning' or check his several Youtube channels.


The Good, The Bad and The Angry

Here's another graphics treatment and grade i did recently, this time for Anger Management. We were chuffed to be able to use the actual music from Sergio Leone's classic western.

Promo produced by Dan Martin.
Design by me.

Copyright Comedy Central UK.


The West Coast Wolves

Fun lil' promo i worked on the other week, parodying the trailer for Scorsese's 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'. IT'S YELLOW https://vimeo.com/87472522

Promo produced by Sarah Gloag.
Design by me.
Copyright Comedy Central UK.